The Keilim Mikveh is provided to the community as a free service, at a considerable cost to us. Donations are welcomed and appreciated.
By availing yourself of this service, you are accepting full responsibility for yourself, your children and any items you bring with you… In addition, you are obligating yourself to treat these premises with respect and proper consideration.

Please abide by the following rules

  • Please do not park in the private driveway… You may park on the street or in the parking lot next door (during non school hours only).
  • Stickers and labels from dishes must be placed into the provided garbage cans and NOT on the walls.
  • The garbage cans are meant for small objects only. Please take all cardboard, boxes, and large pieces of bubble wrap home with you.
  • The Mikveh will not be responsible for any items left behind.  They will be left at the side of the room for pickup… Unfortunately, items left behind tend to disappear quickly before they can be retrieved.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. 
  • No men or boys are to be on the Mikveh premises past sunset. This is a violation of the privacy of our community’s women. 
Before toveling an item, one must ensure that it is free from dirt, rust, adhesives and removable company stickers.

The blessing is recited before immersing the first item.   When toveling a single item, the blessing is “Al Tevilat Keili”.

Please check the reference guide in order to determine which items required a blessing and which do not.

During the immersion, care must be taken that water completely reaches all sides of the item at once and that no air is trapped inside.

Reference Guide