who was involved in the underground railroad

Their occupations ranged from preachers and politicians to ordinary citizens. There, abolitionist Quakers welcomed the fugitives, and, after 1847, a state law prohibited enforcement of federal fugitive slave laws.

Books written after the Civil War name at least 20 slaves who escaped from Loudoun and Fauquier with help from others, but none name the abettors. Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Michigan were just a few Underground Railroad strongholds.

Fugitive slaves were assisted on their journey by people who wanted to abolish slavery, abolitionists. and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal [bordering the Potomac in Maryland] was a part of the route which received, on certain boats, fugitives brought over by the ferryman.". Although Martin is kind to Cora and helps her even after his railroad station was supposed to have closed, he is timid and reluctant to transport Cora to the next station. There were blacks and whites alike involved. The scheme was assisted by abolitionists and others sympathetic to the cause of the escapees. His 1847 relocation to Cincinnati, Ohio, where he died many years later, didn’t end his Underground Railroad activities. Fugitive slaves from farther south in Virginia often came through Culpeper County, where there were friendly havens in settlements of free blacks at "The Free State" north of the Rapidan River and at Black Hill, west of Jeffersonton and a few miles from the Fauquier line. Fugitive slaves were particularly convincing and a large number risked their own freedom to free others. Such euphemisms as "conductors," who helped "passengers" travel from one "station" to another, first made their way into print several years after Congress repealed fugitive slave laws in June 1864. Who Was Involved? . The term "railroad" did not come into popular parlance until real railroads became common in the late 1840s. Many fugitive slaves escaped from their masters, and into the North, but not without the help of many people. she supposed it would stop as usual, and she immediately called for candles to be taken into the front room; but the said hack passed up on the turnpike without stopping.

Give such legal uncertainties, many slaves continued their trek to Canada, which in 1826 enacted a law prohibiting return of escaped slaves to their masters. It is important to remember that while all of the actions involved in the Underground Railroad were done to oppose to the oppressive power of slavery, these actions were also illegal. From about 1817 to 1861, as many as 100,000 slaves fled bondage through the Underground Railroad, and hundreds of them passed through Fauquier and Loudoun counties, often en route to Pennsylvania, just 30 miles from Loudoun. Jane Lewis: New Lebanon, Ohio, resident Lewis rowed countless former slaves across the Ohio River to freedom. At least four U.S. communities claim to have coined the term "Underground Railroad." Jacob M. Howard, a Michigan Underground Railroad supporter who later became a Republican senator, introduced the Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery, to the Senate. Despite the tremendous risks of recapture or becoming a slave for the first time, African Americans on all levels vigorously participated in the Underground Railroad and other antislavery efforts. Among them is Ripley, Tenn., where Tice Davids, a fugitive slave, crossed the Mississippi River and couldn't be found. He is married to Ethel and harbors Cora in his attic.

Stephen Myers was one of the most influential members of the Albany Vigilance Committee. John Fairfield: Hailing from a slaveholding family in Virginia, Fairfield, who abhorred slavery, became involved in the Underground Railroad when he helped a slave friend escape to Canada. John Gott, a historian of upper Fauquier, told me recently of two neighbors who lived near present-day Atoka. The federal laws, which mandated return of slaves to their masters and prison sentences and fines for those abetting escapes, dated to 1793 and 1850. Werner Janney told a Washington Post reporter in 1991 that wainscoting covered a hole in the wall near the dining-room fireplace.

John Mason: A fugitive slave once recaptured only to escape again, Mason helped more than 1,300 slaves to freedom. She got a job in Philadelphia but traveled back the next year to free her sister and her sister’s two children. Though neither underground nor a railroad, it was thus named because its activities had to be carried out in secret, … From about 1817 to 1861, as many as 100,000 slaves fled bondage through the Underground Railroad, and hundreds of them passed through Fauquier and Loudoun counties, often en route to Pennsylvania, just 30 miles from Loudoun. ( Log Out /  Loudoun County Maps at the Library of Congress, Cornstalks Rooted In Area’s Agricultural History, Early 19th-Century Milling and Wheat Farming, John Binns — A Pioneer in Crop Improvement, Government and Law in the Path to Freedom, Justice and Racial Equality, For Some Slaves, Path to Freedom Was Far From Clear-Cut, Underground Railroad – Journey to Freedom Was Risky, Loudoun County Civil War Timeline 1861- 1865, Union Troops Caught by Surprise at Ball’s Bluff, Loudoun County and the Civil War – A County Divided, Federal Occupation in Loudoun County during the Civil War, History Affects 1860 Presidential Election Vote, Mosby Walnut Tree – Witnessed and Made History, Trade Between Loudoun County and Maryland During the Civil War, The Reconstruction Years: Tales of Leesburg and Warrenton, Virginia, Loudoun County Burning Raid and John S. Mosby, Strategic Position Loudoun County in the Civil War, General Braddock’s March Through Loudoun in 1755, Indians Left Their Mark in Naming Landmarks, Piscataway Indians – 1699 Encounter With Was a First, John Champe, a Revolutionary War Double Agent, Loudoun County Towns and Villages in 1908, Dulles Airport Has Roots in Rural Black Community, Fairfax Boundary – Locating the 1649 Line, Goose Creek Canal – An Ill-fated 1830 Project, Leesburg – Old Names Reveal Leesburg’s History and Lore, Purcellville – Nichols Hardware, A Virginia Landmark, Purcellville – A Place Where Everyone Knew Its Nicknames, Round Hill – History of the Hill High Country Store, Spotsylvania – Kenmore House, American Colonial Architecture, Sterling Park – County’s Growth Battles Just Beginning 1961, Taylorstown Dam and the Catoctin Valley Defense Alliance, Loudoun Reaches No.

They even helped fugitives with the means of traveling by boat and train. Escapees were then not far from Negro Mountain, northeast of Aldie. These conductors  did their best to keep the fugitives out of danger, and into freedom. Besides, it was also easier for African Americans to blend in, especially on large plantations. If these people were part of the Underground Railroad, they were known as conductors. ", Samuel Ellzey, of the Leesburg area, wrote in his reminiscences that a free Negro, "the ferryman at Edwards' Ferry, on the Potomac was the underground agent of these organized thieves . He became involved with anti-slavery efforts through his father, Donald. Because of this slave owners offered large rewards for her capture.

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