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Feature photo by David van der Mark. I’ve played countless tournaments, listened to countless conversations on every topic rehashed over and over, and I feel almost jaded at times. One syllable is best-- "Up!" A strong sideline voice can be the difference between a near-block and a block. Tyler Kinley @ Is this you? I have none. You must decide upon, teach, and then practice sideline voice for it to be effective, but if you do, it can do wonders for a defense. © 2020 usaultimate.org All Rights Reserved. Tyler Kinley is captain of Seattle Sockeye, where he is primarily a defensive handler.Known for guarding top handlers and distributing the disc after the turn, Tyler also leads Sockeye's workouts. 7. We'd love to work with you to add your info. Currently a mixed player, but I thought I'd chime in here. by Tyler Kinley Most offenders will tell you that yelling instructions to them on the sideline when they're on offense is annoying, if not worse. Imagine if the monkey tried to be the rabid dog. We'd love to work with you to add your info. Is the USAU Triple Crown Tour Improving Ultimate? Everyone's a critic. r/ultimate. The rounds still had very long breaks even for games that went past the cap. Article * Practice Planning Musts. I have advice on specific training regimens, workouts, lifts, exercises, as well as advice on creating workouts for a team, and will write about those topics in a subsequent articles. Long ago when the UPA standardized on 15 points they analyzed games and claimed that only a very small percent of the time did teams lose if they had scored 15 first. Chain is like a big gorilla: Powerful, intimidating, and brutish. So, how do you recognize what your spirit animal is? Train with one person, with a group, but have someone to be accountable for besides yourself. Yelling "move left" is nearly worthless, but yelling "not looking" as his man cuts deep to tell him that the thrower is staring backwards at the dump and the huck is not a threat is very useful. The cursing penalties were a little fucking silly this year at Nationals. The mark is the easiest example. While the defender should check to see the disc's position, this is an opportunity for sideline voice to be incredibly effective, informing him when, and where, the disc has moved and letting him reposition without taking his eyes off the cutter. I strongly second this. The season being moved forward - Intentionally moving the season to conflict with the pro-leagues screwed over GOAT by outstretching them (these guys aren't getting paid after all). I can’t stress this enough. Language TMFs - Personally I hope this changes minds about whether observers are any different than refs. 4 years ago. Can´t believe I haven´t read this... How did it slip??? A TMF should be reserved for exceptionally hostile/vulgar language directed at the other team, observers, or fans. 4. Vary your sets, reps, speed of reps (moving slowly or quickly), and explore new and interesting ways to work the same muscle group. I've toyed with the idea of practicing an active sideline voice helping the mark to the point that there is no force, simply a sideline instructing the mark what to take away and making every throw a "break" throw. I have none. Close. What would you characterize the vibe as? One caveat-- don't tell the defender where to go, tell him what to know. Create workouts that challenge you, but don’t destroy you, at least at first. Assessing the goals, strengths, and weaknesses of your team as a whole can often make practice planning seem easy and obvious, whereas before it seems daunting and complex. 5. Ask players what they think of practice, what they want to work on individually and what they think the team should work on. Second, the talk itself must be clear and concise. But,…, This is a summary article on Nationals. Second, having more games streamed by staggering rounds seems like a no-brainer. He has experience coaching and teaching ultimate on youth, college and club levels on multiple continents. Now, a good sideline voice has a few characteristics. No around! Awful. I am Tyler Kinley, a Club Men's Rep for USAU - tell me your opinions! Finally, you must create a team language and practice it. When you're on offense, sideline chatter is best saved for positive encouragement and celebrating a goal scored. The production quality of Saturday's games really made it seem like the answer to that question is no. First, this probably won't affect anything, but the shift to move the season earlier is a bad idea from almost every perspective. Keep it... Green Call: Easy Tips on Making Ultimate More Sustainable, Green Call: Easy Tips to Make Ultimate More Sustainable, Ultimate the First Five Decades (VOL II) in Review, To the Dads: A Fathers’ Day Tribute to Ultimate Dads, Programming Plyometrics Part 2: Planning Considerations. Specify time allotments for each segment of practice. Write down everyhting you'd like to work on, then look at how many practices you have left, and create a plan for what you most need to work on and focus on that. Often if a cutter is being face-guarded (defender staring only at cutter, never checking to see where the disc is), a savvy cutter can move this defender into a place far out of position once the disc has moved, and create an easy opportunity to get open. Tweet Share on Tumblr. Tyler Kinley @ Is this you? In addition, seek feedback from the team. If a guy hasn't played in the game, it's tough for him to engage as much as he could. Tyler is forced to face his own past following his mother's cancer diagnosis.

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