ravin r26 draw weight

The R26 is therefore one of the most accurate bows with a 99% proven accuracy. The most compact and lightweight crossbow Ravin has ever made, the Ravin® Crossbows R26 Crossbow Package delivers deadly Ravin hunting performance from an ultra-compressed package. Unlike with TenPoint’s ACUdraw PRO or ACUslide you can not let go of the handle mid-crank. Plus, the HeliCoil, Frictionless Flight, and Versa-Draw Cocking System allow you to shoot fast and accurately – and you won’t find these systems in any other brand. The factory bolts that come with the crossbow are 20″ 400 grain bolts that fire downrange at 400 FPS, but the 20″ shaft sticks past the end of the crossbow. Ravin recommends using a non-wax lubricant such as Ravin Serving Fluid or Scorpion Venom Polymeric Bowstring Fluid during extremely cold weather.

Ravin offers hunters and bowmen with the most accurate crossbows. Wax buildup on the bowstring clasp can lead to trigger malfunction including a delay in bowstring release.

BowAddicted.com is reader-supported. Ravin’s R29X, R29X Sniper and R29 sniper models can also silently cock the crossbow. The package also includes a three arrow quiver and a mounting bracket.

Available in Predator Camo, exclusive to Ravin Crossbows.

Last update on 2020-10-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. After all, all the accuracy and power in the world are meaningless if you can’t fire fast enough to hit game. To level the scope, we highly recommend you to get a Ravin Scope level. Draw Weight: 12 lbs: Kinetic Energy: ... 100-grain field tips, which get the total weight to 400. The mounting screw is built into the unit and is easily hand-tightened.
When choosing Firenock lighted nocks you have an option use the weight match nock system. Although the initial cost is on the higher side, this crossbow more than delivers. There is roughly a 23 grain difference when adding Firenock lighted nocks.

fred mckay The issue, of course, is not one of accuracy but of trajectory. An arrow traveling 100 yards flies on an arc of 8 or 10 feet, which means, in wooded situations, the shaft is more than likely to run into something along the way. Ravin’s R26 features HeliCoil technology, Versa-Draw cocking system with an ambidextrous removable draw handle, Trac-Trigger firing system, frictionless flight-system and a premium 100-yard Illuminated scope from Ravin themselves. Boasting speeds of 400 FPS this small, compact crossbow packs a punch downrange.

The quiver then snaps into place on either side of the stock, giving shooters their choice of left- or right-handed arrow storage. As a result, the TTFS device is able to attach at the center of the bowstring and to retract it uniformly, which will in turn facilitate straight nock travel. I purchase a Raven r26 and had borkholder sight it in for me. The Constrictor is a heavy-duty bow that is surprisingly easy to handle and provides top-quality performance. Also, the soft rubber textured comb included on its stock is optimized for perfect eye alignment. Shooting custom arrows will void the manufacturer warranty. After firing a shot, you’ll immediately notice it’s fast, powerful, and responsive design. (verified owner) – July 5, 2020, Thank you for making me feel like part of the family I made a decision went with the R26 It also weighs a mere 6.5 pounds with an axle to axle width of only 5.75 inches cocked and 9.25 inches uncocked. Ravin’s R26 axle-to-axle width is an amazing 5.75 inches when fully-drawn – making the Ravin R26 the most compact crossbow on the market.

Compare the characteristics of each product and make your choice. With just 9.5 inches of power stroke, this bow can deliver up to 400 fps speed with 142 foot pounds of power – a deadly combination that will provide an instant death to any game even past the 100 yard mark. Luckily, its ultra-fast speed guarantees that the prey will drop dead on its tracks before it even thinks of getting away. If you’re looking for a cocking mechanism that allows you to let go mid-crank, we would recommend you to take a look at our TenPoint crossbow reviews. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners.crossbowsprofy.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.
Some people even complain that they need a raised platform or a table to be able to cock it. Nothing a hammer couldn’t fix. Also, the illuminated scope helps you zero in on your target for quick, clean kills.

However, this bow is actually an excellent bow that comes with enough speed and punch to give you the prized kill.

Decocking the bow is equally easy and will require very little of your time and effort. Make sure you hear a click when you load the arrow. The scope is nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed to protect against dust, moisture and fog. Plus, the durable construction is water-resistant, making it well-suited for hunting waterfowl. These arrows have Ravin-engineered polymer nocks. Aside from its size – 5.75” when cocked, axle to axle – it’s also lightweight. Remove the cocking handle and press again on the spool thumb release button to free-up the TTFS device.

Hi, I'm Justin Archer a family man with 2 boys and a wife. The user must first dig his cocking rope out of a pocket (which one is it? For all your primal hunting needs, survival guides, product reviews and more… Find the best hunting gear based on our reviews! It’s short, lightweight, compact design was tailor-made for still-hunting in thick brush, and its 400-fps arrow speed made short work of all targets out to 40 yards.

The R26 is the most compact and lightweight crossbow on the market. Shooting 3-inch groups at 100 yards, this crossbow is sure to impress bow hunters and gun enthusiasts alike!

The R26 is ideal for most whitetail hunting situations and is also suited for hunting other game (bear, hogs, elk and moose), plus it offers the advantage of long-range capability that varmint hunters might find useful when pursuing ground hogs, coyotes and other small game. 7.1 lbs. Feel free to contact me anytime - justin@outdoorveteran.com, Check Out These Awesome Features Of The R26, Compact, lightweight and ultra-compressed design, R26 won the 2019 OUTDOOR LIFE Editor’s Choice Award. As a result, I like to consider it as a miniature version of the R10, as they both feature the same speed and poundage. Overall weight: 6.5 lbs. and measuring just 26" long, this little bundle of hunting dynamite measures just 5.75" from axle-to-axle wh… The updated grip makes it very comfortable and accurate to shoot. Which brings us to the manufacturer.

Borkholder’s custom bolts fire around 10 FPS slower than the factory bolts, but have greater kinetic energy downrange and better accuracy. On the roving range, the Ravin R26 excelled for a number of reasons. There is a simulated weight that attaches to your nock just the same as the lighted nock that will make all of the nocks weigh the same.

Usually the arrows that are provided with certain crossbows are just either too lightweight or straight up garbage. Power Stroke: 9.5″ 5.75” wide cocked and 26” long; Versa-Draw Cocking System; Anti Dry-Fire Mechanism ; Build-in sling mount ; It’s also hard not to notice the manufacturer.

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