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/Im2 11 0 R /Im3 19 0 R >> /Shading << /Sh1 8 0 R >> >> The pitch deck lists which festivals the producers are targeting but goes one step further. Your pitch deck: who is it for? << /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI ] /ColorSpace << /Cs1 7 0 R As a filmmaker, you need money. Include ROI, box office, ratings, and audience ratings to give an indication of the potential your documentary has once it’s released. Yours needs to be persuasive and compelling. Writing a documentary is somewhat ambiguous. How these features are tied to benefits we provide to an industry or market in innovative ways could be one of the main concerns as you fill in this slide. Explain who these people are. We will go over it together to make sure you can make the best of your upcoming business presentation.Â, A very sober first slide that introduces your company name and your presentation purpose is generally okay to stand on stage or in the office as you and your audience get ready for what you are about to showcase.Â, Take it easy and keep this simple. For example, if your documentary is about worldwide droughts and food shortages, use images of barren, dry, cracked soil or a lone plant growing out of the ground. Can be used for transcription services, closed captions, subtitles, or foreign subtitles. For example: Unlike films, documentaries don’t require actors to play a cast of characters. The quote is an example of the overall theme of the documentary—these women worked hard to make a difference. If there is no way to show your product quite so easily at this time, whether by snapshots or video, most probably pitching is not the best of ideas for your business right now. Hire a photographer and a graphic artist to create original images that reflect the look and feel of your documentary. The documentary follows their three-year journey as they reconnect with their own identities and bring hope to struggling communities. Transcription › How to Write Your Own Documentary Pitch Deck to Secure Funding (+ Examples). And your pitch deck is one of the most important ways to secure it. 9 0 obj We hope you have the best of successes with our pitch deck template! When done right, your pitch deck has the power to convince investors that your project is worth funding. 8 0 obj Explain the motivations behind the narrator’s scripts and the ideas you will share with the audience. It needs to sell your ideas and boost interest in the project. Truly add those ravishing couple of figures that really make an impact. Identify the audience your documentary targets and why you are choosing to reach them in particular. A really good image of your company is usually a good replacement for the stock picture we have included in this template.Â, From an intro, we typically go into the problem your product or service is solving for a new potential market. After all, that is precisely why your pitch deck was necessary as part of your pitch deck presentation, right? Using these images gives investors a glimpse into what the documentary will look like and who the women are. Now, let’s look at two examples of documentary pitch decks and explore what they’ve done well — based on the points we’ve shared. Perfecting slides requires strategy, a lot of thought and effort, as well as slick design.Â, Here at Slidebean, we work hard at giving startups and entrepreneurs the best resources to meet their business goals. Many entrepreneurs infestate this slide with tons of text and material. If you want distribution in other countries, mention how you’ll include. Project: Building Hope is about two women with immigrant backgrounds who use art to educate and understand underserved youth in Chicago and East Africa. As mentioned previously, feel free to modify the order of your specific pitch deck if an alternative structure makes it flow better. endstream 2 0 obj A headshot of your writer and their past experience, nominations, and awards should also be incorporated. The goal of their pitch deck was to attract the attention of donors and use the funds to get the documentary considered for festival screenings and grants. stream What is important here is to show how your decision-making has been ideal to bring together just the right kind and sets of people that will concisely achieve what your business needs to make revenue and profit. Unlike feature films, there isn’t a script to create. However, we believe in the power of keeping this effectively succinct.Â, After all, this is a template, so let it guide you to make the best of it. Your team slide, we have said often, should be one about founders or just key people to show that you have the most qualified and best set of players that are just the perfect fit to bring your business forth with great capacity. true /ColorSpace 7 0 R /Intent /Perceptual /SMask 22 0 R /BitsPerComponent Adding funding needs here works in this case because the pitch deck has built up the story to this point. The images also show the camaraderie among the women and the bond they shared while pushing against stereotypes. statements to enrich this section. It also leaves readers with a good feeling and concludes by focusing on the victories. On the contrary, we keep it simple and to the point; always a great way to start! Talk about the overall vision for the documentary, why you think the film needs to be made, and how you hope audiences will respond. How to Write Your Own Documentary Pitch Deck to Secure Funding (+ Examples), 45 free minutes of Automated Transcription, How to Use Transcripts to Speak with Concision, How to Use Transcripts for Investigations, How to Transcribe Interviews for Client Projects. x�V�nE}ﯨ'̸̘����!1�t�Ƞk�v�N-=3w���4��r�NU���ݓ�o������~������@�G If you’re hiring actors for narration, consider the cost. The style of the documentary used is a mix of archival footage, interviews with some of the original players, and commentary from current LPGA members and players. But investor inboxes are full of pitches from hopeful filmmakers, and they’ll pass over mediocre decks without skipping a beat. The idea is to help you decipher the quickest way to communicate what your product or service achieves in a way that is understandable to all.Â. >> Presenting your revenue model in simple terms might not be the easiest task in the world, but it is just classy business elegance any founder should strive to afford.Â, We made it very clear on our pitch deck template how to best optimize your traction slide. Examples of documentary pitch decks. The graphics we have added should quite simply help narrow down on the targeted audience.Â, With the competitive audience slide, the table should make fully clear how your features will help differentiate you from your competitors in significant terms. If you’re in the late stages of production, include your marketing budget and a distribution plan that includes video on demand, filmfestivals, or streaming services. Sharing a distribution plan at this stage shows investors how much market research has been done and whether the identified strategies use the right channels. As there should be a compendium of considerations for that to happen, we have added a few buttons here for you to drive that point across. Up to here, it should be easy to thus define what your strength areas are to the level of description of your unique advantages. endobj Look for an email from downloads@slidebean.com. For interview-style documentaries, include in the writer notes the types of questions you’ll ask. The right image will create the type of emotional response you want to conjure in your audience. Use bold fonts and colors to make the page visually stunning. The latter section will expand into a slide where you will nail down your top 5 product features in a quite simple manner. << /Type /Page /Parent 3 0 R /Resources 6 0 R /Contents 4 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 720 540] Hopefully, as our example shows, some of your competitors will have a somewhat similar offer as yours already in function in the target market, but your offer will come in to solidify a strengthening factor that is attractive to investors and in the market.Â, Analyzing and acknowledging your competition is a great practice as it shows how studied and knowledgeable you are about your area of business.Â. After the pitch deck walks readers through why the documentary is needed, explains the story and how it’ll be told, and offers mini bios of the women, it ends with funding needs. This gets your pitch back to the top of the inbox and shows investors how serious you are; you’re not just pitching random investors and hoping something sticks. uһe��gt���K[qP��W��F�_���-�����y[�W@!�Ƚ�Q << /Length 10 0 R /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Width 1175 /Height 80 /Interpolate The cover needs to tell the story in one captivating image. endobj However, depending on the type of documentary you’re filming, you’ll have subjects to follow or interview. However, many documentaries use a narrator. If you’d like to have an actor or professional athlete narrate the documentary, list who you’re interested in. By the way, by making it available across social media platforms, this allows us to simply link a YouTube showcase to your pitch deck presentation, for example, a feature we clearly make use of very conveniently from within our presentation platform. For example, if your documentary follows the process of sports rehabilitation, list the names of athletes you’ll interview, and why. Scout the rest of our templates to find out more! If you click thrice after the problem title appears, you will note we have added 3 different insertions of dummy text for you.Â, That is so because we truly believe in just 3 very clear and irrefutable (truly undebatable!) Investor Pitch Deck Structure 1. If you’re in the early stages of development, include sales projections. Rely on these figures and present them wisely. This section ends by mentioning the documentary’s inclusion in educational curriculums in the United States and East Africa. Remove the fluff, and get to the point to avoid making readers guess what’s going to happen. ��j@ �5����fiɩ5���|��G���sPj@ �5�z��E��5���� �;V?��mE�Wj@ �5�J �FIHd5�Ԁ�w�~� �h�ԀPj@ d��_5�Ԁ� �;V?�xO�Qj@ �5�6�� ��j@ �5�� �c�#n�0AԀPj@ �����-�Pj@ �4��X���iNX5�ԀPj�6��5�ԀH5��X��KU(�Pj@ �5����Pj@ ��w�~�պ[ �5�Ԁ����RԀPj��|��G\o�RSj@ �5� ��ז�Wj@ j ߱�w�dɪ5�Ԁ����۞]ϫԀ8� �c�#�t��Wj@ �5�% �ƗS �5�Z��Տ��j��Pj@ ���� ~`��'�ө5��o ߱��~�rTj@ �5�'��?��z(5���6��X����?��ՀPj@ ����/=��E �5� �;V?�>�/�j@ �5��@���G��Ԁ����q��Q5�ԀP������O��j@ ���l ߱���#�Rj@ �5����_^�ՀP� �c�#���X��ԀPj�4��%�r�5�~K��Տ���WSN5�ԀP� ~`|xT�Sj@ ����q��ϧ�j@ �5�>����̄J�Ԁ�� �;V?�~��Q�ՀPj@ |T���Q�F �5��w�~���?�A �5���'4���G����8w�H�70�����>8&����]. [ 0 1 ] /Extend [ false false ] /Function 21 0 R >> Pitch Deck Template – a few tips This template includes the main points to be covered in a pitch. %��������� (Even if you’ve met your mark, a little more never hurts.) We've got it! stream The discrimination that they faced led them to create the Ladies Professional Golf Association. More than just a very attractive new feature on its own, how these descriptions enrich your market offer is a good point of departure.Â, Whatever number best describes your possibilities for business dimension estimates is a great one to be displaying in big figures on this slide, which is why that is precisely what we have inserted for you here. Rev › Blog › 8 /Filter /FlateDecode >> The quote above, from a former player, highlights the mental strength of these women and their ability to overcome the odds stacked against them. Include headshots for each producer—up to three—with a brief bio underneath each. © Copyright 2020 Slidebean IncorporatedAll rights reserved. These are your plans and ideas on how to best insert your product or service to new markets, by no means an attempt to be definite about how this will happen, but a slide to show what your thoughts and business plans are around this.Â, Of course, this slide is naturally followed by the size of the market in which you are planning insertion as it gives us all that information that we need to know about your business opportunity. One coupon per person or business. !���$�|!���}W���*;��{�v\��-�u��vu��_] `v��[ c�L��2�C/��U���O���L�q�� D�3�o��0�:m�� ���}�q�D�)9.�R��A_;��A��C�r}Y)EmU+F��j8�o���>/KsǠ���Վ��%#�J��JClM�� ��?�����%&K�&��1?�U�H�uij� ��(�����D�D��e�� The most effective pitch deck is generally achieved after numerous versions of working on the same presentation.

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