neuron cell

Lee et al. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Theodor Schwann proposed in 1839 that the tissues of all organisms are composed of cells.

Axons: This part of the neuron transmits information and extends away from the soma or cell body.

These individual units are cells as understood from other tissues in the body. Using two-photon imaging of choroid plexus epithelium in live explants and in awake mice, Shipley et al. Taxidis et al. Please cite articles in the following format: authors, (year), title, journal, DOI. The heart is an example of excitable tissue where the cells connect via cytoplasmic continuity and yet is perfectly consistent with cell theory. By continuing you agree to the, Differential Relation between Neuronal and Behavioral Discrimination during Hippocampal Memory Encoding, Emergence of Neuronal Diversity during Vertebrate Brain Development, Modeling the Interaction between the Microenvironment and Tumor Cells in Brain Tumors, Sub-second Dopamine and Serotonin Signaling in Human Striatum during Perceptual Decision-Making, Sensory Discrimination of Blood and Floral Nectar by, Circuit Reorganization Shapes the Developing Human Foveal Midget Connectome toward Single-Cone Resolution, Rescuing Over-activated Microglia Restores Cognitive Performance in Juvenile Animals of the Dp(16) Mouse Model of Down Syndrome, Survival and Motor Phenotypes in FVB C9-500 ALS/FTD BAC Transgenic Mice Reproduced by Multiple Labs, Absence of Survival and Motor Deficits in 500 Repeat, Large-Scale 3D Two-Photon Imaging of Molecularly Identified CA1 Interneuron Dynamics in Behaving Mice, Behavioral and Neural Bases of Tactile Shape Discrimination Learning in Head-Fixed Mice, Ultrastructural Imaging of Activity-Dependent Synaptic Membrane-Trafficking Events in Cultured Brain Slices, Neuronal Activity Regulates Blood-Brain Barrier Efflux Transport through Endothelial Circadian Genes, LTP Induction Boosts Glutamate Spillover by Driving Withdrawal of Perisynaptic Astroglia, Sensory Glia Detect Repulsive Odorants and Drive Olfactory Adaptation, An Optical Illusion Pinpoints an Essential Circuit Node for Global Motion Processing, Tracking Calcium Dynamics and Immune Surveillance at the Choroid Plexus Blood-Cerebrospinal Fluid Interface, Specific Hypothalamic Neurons Required for Sensing Conspecific Male Cues Relevant to Inter-male Aggression, Differential Emergence and Stability of Sensory and Temporal Representations in Context-Specific Hippocampal Sequences, Wireless Programmable Recording and Stimulation of Deep Brain Activity in Freely Moving Humans, Neural Sequences as an Optimal Dynamical Regime for the Readout of Time, Central Vestibular Tuning Arises from Patterned Convergence of Otolith Afferents, Sensory Experience Engages Microglia to Shape Neural Connectivity through a Non-Phagocytic Mechanism, ALS Genetics: Gains, Losses, and Implications for Future Therapies, Integrative Benchmarking to Advance Neurally Mechanistic Models of Human Intelligence, Circadian VIPergic Neurons of the Suprachiasmatic Nuclei Sculpt the Sleep-Wake Cycle, Dynamic Functional Connectivity of Resting-State Spinal Cord fMRI Reveals Fine-Grained Intrinsic Architecture, Astrocytes Control Sensory Acuity via Tonic Inhibition in the Thalamus, APP Family Regulates Neuronal Excitability and Synaptic Plasticity but Not Neuronal Survival, Processing in Lateral Orbitofrontal Cortex Is Required to Estimate Subjective Preference during Initial, but Not Established, Economic Choice, Neuropeptides Modulate Local Astrocytes to Regulate Adult Hippocampal Neural Stem Cells, Hierarchical Representation for Chromatic Processing across Macaque V1, V2, and V4, Optimized Signal Flow through Photoreceptors Supports the High-Acuity Vision of Primates, Precise Holographic Manipulation of Olfactory Circuits Reveals Coding Features Determining Perceptual Detection, Two Brain Pathways Initiate Distinct Forward Walking Programs in, Synthesis of Conserved Odor Object Representations in a Random, Divergent-Convergent Network, Slow Drift of Neural Activity as a Signature of Impulsivity in Macaque Visual and Prefrontal Cortex, Somatotopic Organization and Intensity Dependence in Driving Distinct NPY-Expressing Sympathetic Pathways by Electroacupuncture, Encoding of 3D Head Orienting Movements in the Primary Visual Cortex, Head Movements Control the Activity of Primary Visual Cortex in a Luminance-Dependent Manner, Selective Mesoaccumbal Pathway Inactivation Affects Motivation but Not Reinforcement-Based Learning in Macaques.

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