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In every corner of the planet, from sleepy rural villages to hectic big cities, people are celebrating fun and creativity, passions and tradition. Chark led the way in the receiving unit while Leonard Fournette finally looked like the 4th overall pick the Jaguars thought they were getting in 2017. Fantasy football rankings: NFL Week 5. Just join a Draft Group, assemble your (literally) ass-kicking team from an upcoming fight card, and start pinching those pennies for the next PPV. Whatever you do though, don’t tell the Missus. These 5 prospects are ones most fantasy owners will bypass in their drafts for a variety of reasons. The exchange rate isn’t going to do you any favors, but hey, maybe Dave will finally stop spamming your work email with erotic Bryce Harper fan fic every time he drives in a freakin’ run. Over the past 15 or so years, everyone from local high school wrestlers to state and regional politicians have grappled in a pool filled with 150 pounds of mashed potatoes. Schieti (population 396) is an ancient Italian castle village that hosts an annual stilt race known locally as Palio Di Trampoli. ESPN projects him to have fewer, but it isn’t by much. A hard leather ball that resembles a hacky sack is served barehanded to the opposing team, which tries to knock it out of its zone. Each of the four local teams that compete represent a different district in Florence, with a semifinal round determining which two teams will play in the championship game. Fast forward to 2020 and he is back in the saddle as a starting quarterback, taking over for longtime starter Cam Newton. Hardly an average NFL fan outside of Jacksonville realizes how effective Chark was in 2019 and to pass on him because the magazines tell you Jacksonville has no chance is a mistake. Before you make your first deposit, however, remember that the first $500 of winnings must be reinvested in tanning beds and chest hair plugs, per fantasy F1 bylaws. Sure, Kevin Stefanski loves to use tight ends and the Browns have 3 on the roster capable of starting anywhere in the NFL, but to have a back like Hunt coming out of the backfield only augments Cleveland’s already dangerous skill position players. Talent resides on the Jaguars offense and hardly a fantasy football expert out there gives this team a shot to wreak havoc in the fantasy arena. Sure, Fournette is a 1-year wonder. The main event at the annual Cotswold Olimpick Games is the World Shin-kicking Championships. Here's the full schedule. Weird Sports have been going on for so long, they often don't seem unusual to the locals. The beauty of fantasy golf is that you don’t have to have a Pro V1 face tat to walk away a winner. Play here. The anatomy of a 3-0 comeback, MLB Playoffs Daily: Can Braves eliminate Dodgers, plus climactic Astros-Rays Game 7, Sue Bird turns 40: The evolution and revolution of Seattle's point guard, 'Who is this kid?' Not surprisingly, steel-toed shoes are banned. Participants include teams from hospitals and those positively affected by organ transplants. What began as a fun pastime with wagering opponents has evolved into a highly competitive activity as prize money has increased over the years. Instead of throwing money at a new therapist, however, try pouring those funds into CFL daily fantasy, where the action is straight off the sandlot, the team names are right out a western, and the announcers sound like they’re calling a Canucks game. "I like to think it's a rite of passage for the villagers of Brockworth," local organizer Sara Stevens said. The popular draw at the annual Potato Days in Clark, South Dakota (population 1,139), is Mashed Potato Wrestling. Contestants compete for cash prizes, with the championship team splitting $12,500. "It's definitely a unique event," Furness said. Bridgewater’s career was all but finished in 2016 when he suffered one of the worst injuries in NFL history. Nevermind the fact the D-League is easier to find on TV and the WNBA’s biggest stars max out at around $100,000 a year—if it’s worth playing, it’s worth betting on. You’re in luck, too, because we’ve got just enough of that sweet fantasy ride to keep you straight until the leaves start to fall. That could be divorce number four. Yeah, teams now have film on Minshew so a sophomore slump may happen. Gio Reyna, U.S. stars on Barcelona's and Real Madrid's radar, Atalanta, Bayern ... Everton? Yes, we all forget what Kareem Hunt brings to the table and while he won’t supplant Nick Chubb, he is the better of the 2 backs in a pass-catching role. Kids at younger ages have started competing, and the top players now will train year-round. Belichick sees something in Stidham and any bright NFL fan wagering money in fantasy football needs to pay attention to this kid in New England. Especially when Nick Chubb’s hard running opens up the passing game or if Beckham or Landry go down again. Good to see you. And he played well in a limited role last season. We’re not saying the on-pitch product holds up—it doesn’t—but once you start jockeying for those Designated Player acquisitions and stressing on whether to roll out a 4-4-2 or 3-4-3, you’ll be hooked for the long haul. ... After you learn the history of these sports, make sure to catch other obscure and fascinating ones on The Ocho all day on ESPN2. The latest edition to the FanDuel roster, WNBA fantasy will be the Quincy to your basketball Jones all summer long. With complicated rules for scoring based on where the ball ultimately lands, Kaatsen is considered to be one of the world's oldest ballgames. Soccer played on motorcycles has quietly been going on for nearly 90 years. If you are in a keeper or dynasty league, he is worth spending a later pick on. But you know what might be fun? Mostert is the player who can sneak up and steal an RB1 spot in any fantasy league if he continues his success and generates enough carries in 2020. As a Las Vegas resident, he enjoys finding an edge against the local sportsbooks and aims to share his extensive knowledge with both beginners and experienced bettors. While ESPN projects modest numbers from Bridgewater, he excelled in 9 games when playing in relief of Drew Brees, which included 5 starts. Click on the button below to get free picks delivered to your email daily... TheSportsGeek.com is not an online gambling operator, or a gambling site of any kind. Players advance in the tournament by winning two out of three throws, with a referee, known as a "stickler," determining the score. She then acknowledged that her target practice was aimed at her teammate and husband, Paul. Read. Not that Stidham is a QB1. No really. Play here. Play here. European soccer's 11 must-see, can't-miss attacking teams, Vietnam officially cancels debut F1 race for 2020. Walker. Calcio Storico is a violent form of rugby played in Florence, Italy, that originated in the 16th century. Inside journey of Steelers' Chase Claypool, from Canada to NFL record books, Barnwell: 13 NFL trade proposals before the deadline, including two QBs and a star TE, Helwani: It's never easy with Conor McGregor and the UFC, but end result is always worth it, Garrett expects 'clean, fair game' after '19 fracas, Ex-Angels employee indicted in Skaggs' OD death, Saints, Pels owner Benson victim of car thieves. Minshew connected well with Chark in 2019 and he has become the quarterback’s favorite target. The concept of shin-kicking is simple: Kick your opponent's shins until they cry for mercy from the pain or they lose their balance. He is the featured back in about 25 other NFL cities. This is a list of professional sports leagues.. A sports league is a professional body that governs the competition of its teams. Belichick sees traits in players others, not even veteran NFL scouts, see. "The impact was harder than I thought. For that, it shows that if Belichick feels Stidham is the guy, then he is the guy. Glad you found the time to stop by, between the cold sweats and periodic sprints to the bathroom and all. At the annual cheese rolling event in Gloucestershire, England, racers stumble down Cooper's Hill in a hopeless effort to catch up to an 8-pound wheel of cheese traveling at what seems to be 80 mph. Prizes often include the amount of money and beer based on the winning contestants' weight. They went 0-4 with Nick Foles starting at quarterback and they went 6-6 with Gardner Minshew. Play here. If you’re the kind of sadistic monster who only watches NASCAR for the wrecks (welcome to the club, asshole), then perhaps a little wager is just what you need to start caring about the other 500 miles of left, left, left, left. Held in the picturesque town of Chipping Campden, England, the sport dates back to the 17th century. Möhlin, Switzerland, hosted this year's Cycle Ball European Championship, which was won by defending champion Austria. "I threw a few with my left hand, that was about it," said Laura Wilkins (not pictured), of nearby Maidstone. Patience is often tested at the annual 5K Llama Rama Race in Fairplay, Colorado, a former gold mining town in the Rockies. Belichick is aloof to the media, fans, and even his team when he loses. And Calcio Storico, a brutal form of rugby in Italy, dates back to the 1500s. Now that Chark has a year under his belt with Minshew at quarterback, look for the 2 players to connect often. He completed 1 more pass than Tom Brady did during his rookie campaign. His favorite subjects include football, basketball, and baseball. If you’re really looking to get your digital fix, however, DraftKings’ League of Legends competition should help to keep that virtual flame stoked until the big-money investors come calling again. A little taste of the good stuff, for old time’s sake. For many an NFL fanatic, the yawning chasm between Mr. MLS nears tipping point with COVID-19 spikes. And D.J. Bridgewater’s backup quarterbacks include Will Grier and P.J. With Gordon gone and Junior retiring, however, you might need to brush up on the new crop of good ol’ boys before that next green flag drops. During the 79th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Daymon Woodruff rides through a Wall of Beer, made of 30 cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon at Camp Zero, a part of the Buffalo Chip campground. Rex also dabbles in horse racing wagering and enjoys typical casino fare like blackjack and poker in his spare time. Remember, this is the same Kareem Hunt that led the league in rushing back in 2017 during his rookie campaign. Top 10 best free agents still available: Where will Mike Hoffman, others sign? Tired of getting your ass handed to you, year-in, year-out, by the asshole who drafted Bryce Harper in your MLB dynasty league? And yes, Cam Newton can still sign with the Patriots if for any reason coach Bill Belichick does not feel comfortable with Stidham. Play here. For strung-out soccer fans, World Cup-less summers can also be a kick in the, err, blue balls, but believe it or not, the MLS and its parade of geriatric superstars might actually be able to help. Like Stidham, Bridgewater isn’t a QB1 yet, but he is a high-end QB2. It is your responsibility to verify such matters and to know and follow your local laws. Don’t make the mistake in passing on Hunt because he isn’t the featured back in Cleveland. As in soccer, only the goalkeepers are allowed to use their hands. The World Series of Beer Pong is a wild tournament held over five days in Las Vegas. Take fantasy NASCAR and trade the plumbers crack for 12-foot-tall models in leather pants, and you essentially have the premise for fantasy F1—the faster, sexier, and snobbier cousin to America’s favorite make-believe motorsport.

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