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It is much better than yesterdays in giving stories about Xi from Xi’s colleagues and friends in Fujian where Xi worked for 17 years. Since Xi Jinping assumed power as party chief in November, there has been speculation over whether he will follow in his father’s footsteps and embrace liberal reforms.

The first part can be found in my post “The rise of Xi Jinping, China’s next leader” the day before yesterday; the second “Xi Jinping, Description by His Colleagues, Friends, etc.

Geely is now one of China’s top carmakers. This is a question only Xi Jinping himself can answer. Guangdong Province is one of China's richest regions now, but back in 1978, with agriculture as main industry, Guangdong's GDP per capita was only 370 yuan (53.6 U.S. dollars at today's exchange rate), lower than the country's average 156 U.S. dollars in that year, according to data from the Shenzhen government and the World Bank. Hu’s son, Hu Dehua, also paid tribute to his father, saying he hoped the new leadership would show similar courage in carrying out political reform despite facing bigger obstacles. in Fujian dated yesterday ( "The original intention and mission of the Communist Party is the happiness of the people and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." – Xi Jinping. “Rudd said Xi and the Communist Party leadership he would head understood the need for a new economic model on the mainland to maintain sufficient economic growth to keep the public happy – a model that moves away from state ownership, cheap labour and exports, to one centred on consumption and a more active private sector. “‘Many of the businessmen in Zhejiang started from scratch, but they worked very hard and became wealthy,’ Xi said in December 2003. It has transformed from a fishing village to a sprawling industrial and financial megacity. “The official added that environmental protection had been one of Xi priorities ever since, with a desert control project in Longyan’s Changding county when he was acting Fujian governor in 1999 being one notable achievement. Official records show that about 150,000 Guangdong Province inhabitants left their hometown to Hong Kong before the reform and opening-up. The country was mainly a planned economy similar to that of the Soviet Union. “‘In June 1985, I went to Xiamen, spending eight hours to get there [by car] from Fuzhou due to the poor transportation network.’. Zhou also praised Hu’s endorsement of Xi Zhongxun’s work in liberalising the economy in Guangdong in the late ’70s. For details, please visit SCMP website at:, The Mystery of Xi Jinping dated February 15 (, China at Cross Road 2: Xi Jinping Rumors and ‘Old Man’ Politics dated September 12 (, Xi Jinping Economic Reformist, Ex-Australian PM dated September 28 (, Xi Jinping, Description by His Colleagues, Friends, etc. “The cultural official said Xi was prepared to ‘offend rich and powerful people who harmed the public interest’, with most of the tombs built by rich local families with special backgrounds or official connections. However, if interested, please visit SCMP website at:, Xi Jinping Economic Reformist, Ex-Australian PM dated September 28 (, SCMP says in its report titled “Xi Jinping sees economy needs reform, Kevin Rudd says”, “’This administration understands what it’s up against,’ former Australian PM believes, “Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd says Vice-President Xi Jinping , the man tipped to be China’s next president, will be a leader the world can work with.”. He was concerned about the population outflow caused by poverty and determined to make a change.

“The Fuzhou foreign affairs official said Xi had taken steps to maintain a clean image, ‘Just like Taiwanese leader Ma Ying-jeou’. “‘That’s why his younger brother, Xi Yuanping, agreed to withdraw all his businesses in Shanghai after Xi was appointed the municipality’s party chief in 2007,’ he said.”,, SCMP report from Beijing: “Xi Jinping will be the next leader of China, but to many observers he remains something of a cipher. Hu was fondly remembered by many for spearheading economic and political reforms, as well as his rehabilitation of hundreds of thousands wrongly persecuted during the Cultural Revolution, including the elder Xi. Property Value; dbo:abstract: Xi Zhongxun (October 15, 1913 – May 24, 2002) was a communist revolutionary and a political leader in the People's Republic of China. Later, Shenzhen attracted investors – the first group was from Hong Kong and Macao – with its low price for land leasing, tariff reduction and simplified investment procedures, which were unique preferential policies at that time when most inland of China had not opened to overseas investment. He agreed to give Guangdong more … Widely dubbed as a "miracle," this coastal city next to Hong Kong not only boasts strong manufacturing capacity and leading innovation, it represents China's efforts in the past several decades to pursue development from scratch. But I dare say even Xi himself didn’t expect that he would become China’s supremo one day.’. Shenzhen was the first to kick off, officially announced in 1980. “However, Xi left Xiamen three years later after losing out in the race to become the city’s mayor.”. But amid political uncertainties and intense factional politicking that came close to throwing the elaborately planned leadership succession into disarray, observers say hopes of imminent, substantial changes may turn once again into disillusionment.”.

This is the third and final of SCMP’s “three-part-series” attempt to solve the mysteries of Xi Jinping.

– Xi Zhongxun. Veteran journalist and historian Yang Jisheng also noted that Xi had not mentioned political reform since he became party chief, although he emphasised the importance of adhering to Marxism and Mao’s thoughts. He replaced Han Zheng, who had served as acting party secretary after former party secretary Chen Liangyu was removed for misappropriating money from the Shanghai social security fund.”, “When Xi arrived in Shanghai, he had the important task of getting the city through the social security fund scandal and had to flex his political muscle at a critical time, analysts said.”. Beijing ICP prepared NO.16065310-3. Photo: AP, Ex-Communist Party chief who was purged in 1987 and whose death in 1989 sparked the Tiananmen protests is commemorated by state media. “‘He lived in a public dormitory and washed his own clothes when he was deputy mayor of Xiamen,’ Sze, 73, said. For details of the SCMP report, please visit its website at:, on Xi Jinping’s time in Zhejiang: doing the business, on The rise of Xi Jinping, China’s next leader, About 1st Edition of Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements, About Expanded 2nd Edition of Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements. “Xi decided that such an iconic tower – located in the Lujiazui financial district and slated to become the second-tallest building in the world – had to be built by a Chinese firm.

The first part can be found in my post “The rise of Xi Jinping, China’s next leader” yesterday. ‘He told us that he once warned them: I will not provide any help if you guys have problems in Fujian’. “The province’s gross domestic product continued to expand at a brisk pace during Xi’s tenure, growing to 1.8 trillion yuan (US$283 billion) from 939 billion (US$147 billion)- a 14 per cent increase. The other three followed in the following two years.

“We hope they will continue to reform and liberalise.” Hu Dehua said many constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech and publication, had not been granted to citizens, and there were no laws to safeguard those rights. “‘He also dined at a public canteen and never visited fancy restaurants. Independent political commentator Chen Ziming said it was unlikely that Zhou’s article was backed by Xi and there had been no evidence that the president supported political reform. “Xi’s philosophy was to let Shanghai lead Zhejiang and Jiangsu in the development of the Yangtze River Delta.”, “Xi did not mind letting Shanghai take charge. Xi Zhongxun's children: Xi Zhongxun's son was Xi Fuping Xi Zhengning Xi Zhongxun's daughter was Xi Heping Xi Zhongxun's daughter is Xi Ganping Xi Zhongxun's daughter is Ji Qiaoqiao Xi Zhongxun's daughter is Xi An'an Xi Zhongxun's son is Xi Jinping Xi Zhongxun's son is Xi Yuanping. ", Copyright © 2020 CGTN. Hu was an ally of Xi Zhongxun, late father of Xi Jinping, and a respected communist revolutionary. “Xi’s final ascent to the pinnacle of power, to be confirmed at the 18th national party congress next month, has been overshadowed by a slew of damning intra-party scandals, including the downfall of a fellow princeling politician, Bo Xilai, and swirling rumours about splits among top leaders. ‘He started wearing Western-style suits when he became party head of Fuzhou because he needed to dress up when meeting overseas entrepreneurs at investment promotion functions.’. Even so, very little is known about the man himself apart from his enviable pedigree and the sketchy details found in his official résumé. After a wide range of local surveys, four cities – Guangdong Province's Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Shantou and Fujian Province's Xiamen – were chosen as the first "special economic zones" to establish export businesses. As a leader with a princeling background, Xi’s simple life and selflessness made an impression on the local officials and people, according to a provincial foreign affairs official. in Fujian, The rise of Xi Jinping, China’s next leader, Xi Jinping Economic Reformist, Ex-Australian PM, Buy Kindle "Space Era Strategy" at $7.99 from Amazon, Buy Kindle "Space Era Strategy" from Canada at CDN$9.29, Buy Kindle "Space Era Strategy" from India at INR508, Buy Kindle "Space Era Strategy" from Italy at EUR6.56, Buy Kindle "Space Era Strategy" from UK at £5.14, Buy Kindle “Space Era Strategy” from Australia at AUD9.84, Buy Kindle “Space Era Strategy” from France at EUR6.56, Buy Kindle “Space Era Strategy” from Germany at EUR6.56, Buy Kindle “Space Era Strategy” from Spain at EUR6.56, Buy Kindle Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievement at US$14.99, Buy the book at Amazon Italy 7% off at EUR22.90, Buy the book from Amazon UK 8% off at £17.63, Buy Tiananmen's Tremendous Achievements at Amazon US with 10% discount at $27.00. Another of Xi’s achievements was his success in attracting overseas capital to Fuzhou when he was the city’s party head from 1998 to 2000.”, “Several people who worked under Xi in Fujian said it was hard to notice any flaws with him, even as the controversial Yuanhua smuggling case ensnared at least 700 central government and local officials.”. “In 2000, an environmentally friendly Ningde was formally upgraded to a prefectural-level city when Xi became Fujian’s governor. “‘It’s not fascination and love with the model that cause the Chinese to change – it’s practical,’ he said.”, “Rudd said Xi also had a deep view of recent Chinese history, learning important lessons from his father, Xi Zhongxun, who knew first hand about China’s economic reform, the military and suffering during the Cultural Revolution, which would aid him in his term as president.”. It stumbled through famine and an unsuccessful "Great Leap Forward," and then a decade of devastating Cultural Revolution (1966-76).

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