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☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! During the attacks, the well-known Indian chef stayed behind to help hide guests instead of trying to escape the hotel, according to People Magazine, which quotes him as saying, “That’s what we learned all our lives, that the guest is God and God has come to your house and the guest has come to your house.”. All the while, they reassured guests and served them sandwiches, cookies and beverages. A gripping true story of humanity and heroism, HOTEL MUMBAI vividly recounts the 2008 siege of the famed Taj Hotel by a group of terrorists in Mumbai, India. “It was something I couldn’t get my head around. Contains disturbing violence throughout, bloody images and coarse language. “The terrorists knew their way through hidden doors and back hallways of the hotel,” RAND’s report says. Arjun, a waiter caught in the midst of the attacks, is one of the film’s central characters. But its service-worker heroes are worth it. With Dev Patel, Armie Hammer, Nazanin Boniadi, Anupam Kher. Here’s a partial list of some of the real victims of the Mumbai terror attacks. The film doesn’t really have one hero, but many: The staff, especially, functions as a collective protagonist in a sense. Both of the child’s parents died in the terror attacks. Elena Nicolaou. could be an inspiration for all of us, particularly in the times that we’re living in right now.”, More than a decade after the attacks, Oberoi says, “Everybody in the world should pray for peace. A group of 12 young men arrives on a small inflatable raft. So what's based on the true story and what's artistic license? It wasn’t until the morning of Nov. 29 that counterterrorism operatives finally cleared the building and the siege of the Taj Hotel officially ended. Not everyone made it out. Armed with assault rifles, grenades and improvised explosive devices, they quickly fanned out across the city. Pakistan condemned the attacks. Swing States Revealed a Nation Plagued by Misinformation, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Convene Special Edition of TIME100 Talks on the State of Our Shared Digital Experience, The Disastrous Swedish Approach to Fighting COVID-19, You can unsubscribe at any time. Indians will be the primary targets, along with moneyed Westerners, whose prominence the terrorists hope to use to draw attention to their cause. “When absolute horror was staring him in the face, [he and his team] rose up and did something quite extraordinary,” says director and co-writer Anthony Maras. Around 3:15 a.m., he says they began an evacuation, sending staff members to lead guests out through his office, down a stairwell to an employee exit, and onto the street. “Pakistan-based terrorists see India as part of the ‘Crusader-Zionist-Hindu’ alliance, and therefore the enemy of Islam,” the RAND Corporation report explained. It was a colleague ringing to say there had been a shooting. As for the fate of the hotel? Who were these people and what drove them to do this?” Those acts of extreme bravery, he says, were a major part of his inspiration to make the film. What's the real story behind the Hotel Mumbai movie and the terror attacks against the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel? , Hotel Mumbai Is Inspired by the Very Real 2008 Terror Attacks — Here Are the Facts, The Trial of the Chicago 7: What You Need to Know About Fred Hampton's Legacy, A Guide to Each Member of the Chicago 7 and What Happened to Them, 11 Movies Like The Trial of the Chicago 7 That'll Have You Saying, "Order in the Court! Director Anthony Maras confirmed as much in an interview with Time Magazine, saying Arjun is based on a compilation of two real people, a waiter and “an unarmed security guard who was able to help lead a pair of police officers to the hotel’s CCTV room.”. As the grand chef for the Taj group’s entire portfolio of luxury hotels across the world, Oberoi says he never considered leaving the hotel before his guests were safe. It as some time after 9 p.m. on what was, until then, just an ordinary November night at the five-star Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India, when head chef Hemant Oberoi answered a phone call. All of them are guests caught up in the attacks trying desperately to make it out alive. Plot Keywords But as with many dramatizations of real events, Hotel Mumbai’s narrative diverges from history in some instances. For the purposes of the story, a single couple embodies this central conflict, and one of its contradictions: David (Armie Hammer) and his wife, Zahra (Nazanin Boniadi), an affluent young couple with a new baby and a nanny (Tilda Cobham-Hervey). For the filmmakers, keeping Oberoi’s biographical details intact wasn’t much of a choice; there was no way to fictionalize his iconic character. The gripping true story of the 2008 siege on Mumbai’s Taj Hotel arrives in theaters this March. They’re more intrigued by who stopped it — or at least who helped some of its victims get through it alive. GettyIndian commandos look down from a balcony of the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower Hotel after they gained control of it. But as gunfire continued and no help seemed near, Oberoi had to act again. One of Hotel Mumbai‘s central motifs is the bravery of the hotel staff, who go to extraordinary lengths to protect their guests. Over the course of the movie, he attempts to both keep his guests safe and make it back to his own family alive. They’re not always the people whose lives, and whose sacrifices, we think about — or even notice — when we stay in fancy hotels. 1 day ago. After docking at Mumbai's waterfront and overtaking a police van, the terrorists branched into at least three groups, deploying grenades and automatic weapons. The True Story Behind The Horrifying Events In Hotel Mumbai. Their “example . Nicholls and others slowly moved a group of 150 people out of the hotel. Everybody.”, 'Beach Bum' review: Matthew McConaughey hits rock bottom, This story has been shared 561,232 times. The Taj was one target of a larger attack on Mumbai by 10 members of a jihadi group, Lashkar-e-Taiba, based in Pakistan. “Even though he might not be world-famous, he’s well known in India,” says Maras. Her recitation of the Koran doesn’t soften their hearts — or stop them. As the movie shows, one of the terrorists was taken into custody. Maras told Refinery29 that the real-life waiter “thought very quickly and had great initiative to turn all the lights off and get people ducking under the tables and was in frequent communication with (the head chef) to try and see how it was that they were going to protect these guests. Thinking on their feet, the Taj Mahal Palace team locked restaurants and took advantage of room service routes to strategically move guests to The Chambers, a then-new club on the first floor of the hotel. They break off into pairs and get into a taxi, giving different destinations such as the Victoria Terminus, the Leopold Cafe, and the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. Starring Dev Patel, Armie Hammer, and Nazanin Boniadi, the movie focuses on the stories of guests and staff trapped inside the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel for days as four armed terrorists stalk the halls, killing at random. By signing up you are agreeing to our, The Compassionate Documentary Time Looks at the Fight for Prison Abolition Through One Family’s Story, ‘You Bet Your Ass I've Got Regrets.’ As Election Day Nears, More of Trump’s Former Officials Are Speaking Out Against Him, Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know now on politics, health and more, © 2020 TIME USA, LLC. The callousness with which the terrorists operate is palpable and conveyed with a degree of verisimilitude that borders on sadism. A Pakistani terror group launched the series of coordinated attacks throughout Mumbai, with some centered on the Taj. This article contains a list of the foreigners killed during the attacks, some evidence photos, and transcripts of the actual calls among the terrorists. There were real stories of amazing survival. A gripping true story of humanity and heroism, HOTEL MUMBAI vividly recounts the 2008 siege of the famed Taj Hotel by a group of terrorists in Mumbai, India. The terrorists arrived in Mumbai by sea. GettyA view from the Taj Mahal Hotel poolside restaurant is seen following a military operation at the hotel in Mumbai on November 29, 2008. Watch the OFFICIAL TRAILER for HOTEL MUMBAI starring Dev Patel, Armie Hammer, Nazanin Boniadi, Anupam Kher, and Jason Isaacs. However, he isn’t real. World champion's affair rocks Olympic swimming world, Text messages show raw and intimate exchange between Joe and Hunter Biden, News anchor fired for cameo in Adam Sandler movie, Airport officials strike gold searching passenger’s butt. Hotel Mumbai, as its name suggests, portrays the terrorist activities and evacuation efforts that transpired at the upscale Taj Mahal Palace Hotel between Nov. 26 and 29, 2008. In real life, Oberoi and his team saved about 150 people. Story from Movies. By signing up you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, Film critic and reporter covering movies and the people who make them, A professional critic’s assessment of a service, product, performance, or artistic or literary work. “The guest is God,” Oberoi reminds a group of employees who volunteer to stay behind and do what they can while they wait for outside help. Oberoi is played by Anupam Kher (“The Big Sick,” “Silver Linings Playbook”). The mother of Indian National Security Group (NSG) commando Sandeep Unnikrishna gestures as she sits beside his coffin during a funeral ceremony in Bangalore on November 29, 2008. The alleged mastermind of the attacks was a terror group leader named Zaki-ur Rehman Lakhvi, Times of India reports.

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